Winter comes the cold wind blows around my cabin door

The old grey cat sits by the fire upon my cabin floor

The clock way up there on the wall the time it tries to keep

And I sit her in my rocking chair and I fall fast asleep.

A silly grin is on my face I’m stuck here in a smile

I’m a million miles away now back to when I was a child

Somewhere in some old backyard playing ball with my best friend

And my troubles they are lighter than feathers in the wind.

We’d play out in the woods all day or sometimes at the creek

We didn’t count the hours we had no need for sleep

There was a lot to do back then our days were full it seems

Catching snakes and spiders and other real neat things

My sweetheart’s name was Bonnie and I was way too cool

I carried her books for her and walked her home from school

She gave to me a Valentine I thanked the stars above

I wasn’t sure just what it was, but I knew I was in love.

We grew up way to fast it seems and went our separate ways

To see what life was all about and work for better days

Some kids they went off to school to see what they could learn

And others they went off to war… never to return.

The frosty morning sunshine knocks on my cabin door

The old grey cat is fast asleep upon my cabin floor

I awake from my slumber and smile at where I’ve been

I wish I could go back in time… and be a kid again.

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