Fly away angel fly away from me

Fly away angel on your brand new wings

Far away from here to your land of dreams

Where all is green or so it seems

Fly away on your brand new wings.

I tried to love you did the best I could

With truth and honor like a good man should

But all my love I guess was not enough

I drank it up that bitter cup

And you faded from my dreams

I heard you cried when he broke your heart

It must have torn your little world apart

But I would never say I told you so

I think you know that’s how it goes

In the land of broken things

Fly away angel…..

When we gamble there’s a chance we take

And our selfishness can cause our hearts to break

But we all are human and we make mistakes

Our wings get burned and then we learn

And life goes on it seems

Fly away angel…..

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