(by Ron Hipp & Jim Bozeman)

Well, I’ve been all around this

great big world

From the mountains to the sea

Looking for my red-haired gal

with the eyes of emerald green

The eyes of emerald green

T’was in a dream she first appeared

and then I fell in love

With the fairest face that e’er could be

On earth or up above

On earth or up above

Her eyes they sparkled in the sun

Her hair was full and long

And then a smile came on her lips

and she spoke to me in song

She spoke to me in song

She said I’ll wait for you my love

I’ll always be right here

I’ll hold this love within my hear

till you are standing near

From that day I vowed to go

to search both far and wide

Until I find my red-haired gal

to hold here by my side

to hold here by my side.

Every time I close my eyes

she’s right there in my dreams

And I can’t wait for sleep to come

and what the night-time brings

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    Thanks for your blog, nice to read. Do not stop.

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