Sally Sue, Oh my sweet sweet Sally Sue

If my heart was a rubber band

I’d shoot it straight at you

Sally Sue, Oh want you

make my dreams come true

I can’t eat and I can’t sleep

and all I do is think of you.

I know you don’t know about

these feelings that I hide

Just the sight of you sends tingles

running up and down my spine

What to do, I’m spellbound

I don’t know what to do

I think I’d trade my very soul away

If I could be with you

All the stars up in the sky

that twinkle in the night

And that old man in the moon

keep telling me

What your heart tells you is true

boy you know she’s right for you

You won’t find another girl like Sally Sue

Sally Sue these dreams of you

are only dreams I know

I know you’re with somebody else

that’s how the story goes

But someday I hope

that you might take a chance on me

And realize my love for you

and fall in love with me.

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