Autumn’s here the leaves are falling

Summer’s getting old

The days are getting shorter

And the nights are turning cold

There’s a fire in the old fireplace

And I’ve got the TV on

Just to drive away the lonely

Since you’ve gone

I go to work each morning

And try to earn my pay

I take my car most every evening

And drive home a different way

Then I read the evening paper

Or call some old friends on the phone

Just to keep from going crazy

Since you’ve gone

They say life is like a vapor

Just a twinkling of an eye

And that love last forever

But I swear I think they lied

For if love is so eternal

Where did we go wrong

To leave me feeling lonely

Since you’ve gone

You promised me forever

Or did I hear you wrong

Or could it be that I’m just crazy

Since you’ve gone.

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