I’m trapped here in this place

Between your heart and mine

And after all these years

I guess I’ve just stopped trying

To change the things I know

I cannot change ‘n yet

I do not understand

How a love so sweet and gentle

Could slip right through our hands

Way out here in this lonely place

It gets real cold at night

And sometimes in the distance

I can see a fading light

Of two hearts slowly burning out

Fighting for their lives

Searching for the love the need

To see them through this life

Two hearts

It’s a shame that two beating hearts

Can get so lost this way

Trapped within their deadly silence

With nothing left to say

Searching in each other

For the love that they can’t find

They are just two lonely hearts

Beating out of time

Two hearts, weary hearts

I am just a mortal man

My boundaries are defined

There are things I know I cannot change

No matter how I try

But if I had three wishes

I know what they would be

I’d wish you love and happiness

And a little rest for me

Too late to say I’m sorry

Too late for all the tears

Just two familiar strangers

Worn down by the years

No moral to the story

Heroes or heroines

Or some pretty closing tune

On some old antique violin

Just two hearts, weary hearts

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