While I stand here in the city

With the sunset where the mountains meet the sea

I think about the miles

And the memories that lie between you and me

If I could paint you a picture

With the words at my command

If I could sing you a song

That would make you understand

If I could hold you in my arms

Or only touch your hand

I’d show you how much you mean to me

Where the redwoods grow so tall

And the cliffs like a fortress line the coast

I think about the good times

And I feel like I’ve been luckier than most

If I could capture all the beauty here

That lies before my eyes

The sailors in the harbour

Where the silver seagulls fly

The wild Canadian mountains

That reach up to the sky

I’d seal them all up in glass

To give to you

When it’s winter in the mountains

And the city streets are cold and wet from rain

And the sugar maples bow themselves

In slumber till the spring rolls ‘round again

Sometimes I wake up late at night

With tears all in my eyes

And to find that I’ve been dreaming

That you were by my side

The fires of love are burning

They’re tearing at my mind

And only you

Can set me free

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