To answer a few questions: First, who takes the pictures? We have, for the most part. Ron has the better equipment. The color-wild sunset (left) was taken by R. just a few nights ago, and Carol snapped the photos in the previous entry (except for the Dali, of course), along with the skies and the strawberry farm. Almost all of the pictures on the website itself are from both our collections. Dan Michaels got the view through the door at Chocolate Perks. The album release photos were by Bette Gilbert of Aperio Guitar. The actual album cover shot was taken by Ron in Dahlonega at sunrise. Often, we’ll imagine colors, images, scents, or textures while working on a song.

Second, when is the next album coming out? Answer: When it’s done, really done. There is quite a bit of recorded material from the earlier sessions, and we’re coming up with new ideas and directions constantly. These days, particularly with events and responsibilities in both our lives, we’ve really wanted to make the end consistent with the means–so that the process of creation is as joyful as the birth. So every step is mindfully (!?!) taken as Ron (w/Carol) brings Two Hearts to new listeners, songs in progress to those who come to hear us often, as well as older material and borrowed tunes often requested. In the meantime, more lyrics and melodies bubble up, we play out, life lives us.

The Avondale Arts Alliance Autumnfest is this weekend, and we’re performing on Saturday, October 23rd at 11 AM. If the festival is half as good as the website, it promises to be a lovely time for all ages. Then the following Saturday, October 30th, we’ll be returning to 45 South Cafe in Norcross for two sets that evening, starting around 7:00.

You might have noticed that it’s easy now, if you use Facebook, to find and “like” us through this page (see right). It’s a wonderful way to share back and forth, and to get news/updates (and our occasionally skewed thoughts) as soon as we’re aware of them. Thanks for listening, making us laugh, and being companions through this uncharted territory. The music truly would not happen otherwise.