The Persistence of Memory

Have you ever sat with a Salvador Dali painting? Not online, but in “person.” Of course, experiences are intensely individual, but it can feel like being literally sucked into one’s teeming unconscious–or being thrust headlong into the collective swirl, perhaps Dali’s wild inner vortex, who knows. Is it possible to be chased by an artwork? That’s how S.D. can feel. Atlanta’s High Museum is putting on an exhibition of his late works through January 9th. So looking forward to going, when we come up for air. Wait…

The Persistence of Memory~probably one of the best-known of Dali’s visions. And for some reason, that phrase (it’s also the name of a novel) kept coming back again and again after last week’s concert in Jasper. So many dear friends from Ron’s childhood were there–he was moved beyond words. Carol’s spending much of her time now with family remembrances. Quite a few members of the audience told us how that night felt like a sweet and powerful evocation of the past, gathered and held in the present moment. As it did to us.

Out of the Rain is playing in three very different settings in the next ten days. On Saturday September 25th, it’s a benefit for Parkinson’s research, which is also a birthday celebration for singer-songwriter Bob Bakert (who organized this show), starting around 7:00 at Ragamuffin Music. The night features an incredible mix of great musicians. And we’d be remiss not to mention, with admiration, the very important work being done by wonderful musical companion Bruce Gilbert, hosting monthly house concerts in his home (for the same cause) through this fall.

The Duluth Fall Festival in all its glory is coming up this weekend, and we’ll be on the Gazebo Stage at 3:30 on Sunday. Then on Saturday October 2nd, we’re back performing at The Hungry Ear Coffeehouse on a co-bill with Rick Diamond-it’s like being in a cozy, yet large, mountain cabin. Right in Sandy Springs. What could be better? Bringing of canned or non-perishable foods is encouraged, to support Northwest UU’s food drive. The music starts at 7:00.

And tonight, a once-in-a-lifetime astronomical event.